Are there different tees for softball and baseball?

Are there different tees for softball and baseball?

When choosing a batting tee, there are so many different options and factors to consider. One of the biggest things to consider is if your batting tee will be used for baseball or softball! Both sports have a lot of great options for batting tees, but the question must be asked, are there different tees for softball and baseball?

The short answer is: no! Most batting tees can easily be used for both baseball and softball. Because most batting tees are intended to simply reflect the pitching experience, you can use either baseballs or softballs in most major batting tees. This is the case with the G-Tee! Both batting coaches from softball and baseball teams have seen a lot of success with using G-Tees. It’s easy to set up and has the most realistic feel for batters. Regardless of what sport you play, there’s a G-Tee for you!

However, you can and should consider your sport when making your decision about which G Tee to purchase:

For softball players, there’s a focus on precision and strength less than speed. For this, you may require a tee that is more secure or solid to the ground. Consider one of the more stable G Tee tees like the Pro and the Pro Quad. Their sturdiness and large base make them perfect for training like a softball pro! You can simulate the pitching experience with ease and adjust the height for players of all sizes. 

For baseball players, almost any of the G Tees are perfect for you! If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, the G Tee Lite is a great option! With the same height options and sturdy base, it’s the budget friendly option that still has the same professional quality as all of our G Tee products. You can practice with what the pros use! G Tee’s industry-leading design technology ensures improvement with every swing. 

So, if you’re looking for the best tee in the business, you can look no further than the G Tee. The G Tee is not only the most technologically innovative tee on the market, but its American-made quality is unbeatable. Need more information? Check out the long list of softball and baseball professionals who have used the G Tee to get their training to a professional level. There’s a reason it’s the G Tee…what Pros use.

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