Batting Tee Reviews by Baseball Professionals

Batting Tee Reviews by Baseball Professionals

It’s time for you to take your game to the next level. The pros use it so why shouldn't you? G Tee, the batting tee you need to add to your training to elevate your game! In the video you can see that the G Tee is used and trusted by multiple players to help them stay ahead of the curve and improve their batting skills everyday.

Jason Romano

A professional who played in the MLB for over a decade calls the G Tee, “The most versatile, durable, and portable tee on the market.” He said that the G Tee allows for instant feedback on your swing and that it helps you establish a swing that is consistent. He elaborates on two of his favorite features of the G Tee:

  1. Its Versatility- The tee is simple to move up and down to help you get on top of the baseball. He loves how you can move the tee all the way t o the ground for the low pitches and also raise it up to your shoulders to attack those higher pitches.
  2. Its Portability- He says that the G Tee is Easy to carry in your car or even a baseball bag. He shows how simple and quick it is to set up the tee so that you can get your practice started right away.

Nate Samson

An athlete who also played professional baseball for many years says that, “The G Tee is the best tee he has ever used and also stated that it is the only tee he will ever use.”

Russ Canzler

Another great athlete who played professional baseball for numerous years says that, “He uses the G Tee everyday and it greatly improved his game.” He highly recommends the G Tee for anyone who is looking to improve their game. 

So take the words and advice from the professionals and start improving your game today with the G Tee. Don't wait any longer! Contact us for more information and let us help you get your game to a whole new level.

G Tee... What Pros Use

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