Best Softball Batting Tees

Best Softball Batting Tees

Batting tees are essential to improving your softball game. They can help you improve your swing, correct your aim and raise your success rate at the plate. When it’s time to find a tee, finding the best one can feel like a chore. But at G Tee, we know tees. We’ve been using them, testing them and manufacturing them for years and believe we have the best products on the market. But just don’t take our word for it – college, professional and even NPF teams from around the country purchase our tees to help players on their teams. Read on to learn about the best batting tees for softball and find a G Tee tee that works for you.

Have questions? Reach out anytime and see why softball pros love our tees. G Tee…what Pros use.

What to Consider When Buying a Batting Tee


A stable batting tee is important for several reasons. From staying upright to staying put on the ground, a lot is riding on its placement. Having to constantly adjust the placement swing after swing causes you to lose your footing and not be able to concentrate on your stance. Because of this, we manufacture G Tee tees to stay in place so they’re always right where you need them to be. Take a look at the G Tee, the G Tee Triad, the G Tee Quad and our line of triple tees for tees that stay in place.


Buying a softball batting tee is an investment in your future. You can get a good one that will last a lifetime, or you can purchase something else. Every single G Tee is made to last through every swing and every season. In the event that your tee does need repair, it’s completely repairable or replaceable, even the flexible rubber cup. (The rubber cup on a G Tee is also incredibly easy to change and takes only a minute compared to other brands.) If it’s under the 2 year warranty, just reach out to us and let us know what’s happened to your tee and we’ll repair it at no charge. If the warranty has ended, find replacement parts.

Batter’s Age and Skill Level

Whether you’re a softball pro or just getting started, our tees are perfect. Having the best equipment can only serve to improve your game no matter what level you or your younger softball player is at. 

To serve all players and assist with a range of swings, we manufacture tees with three adjustable telescoping upright sizes, including 18”-30”, 22”-41” and 26”-53”. We also make low ball tees and tee attachments, including 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”.

Value & Price

When considering purchasing a softball batting tee, many people often think of price first. While other tees may be slightly cheaper at times, they don’t provide much value. They break easily and are not repairable or warrantied. G Tees, on the other hand, are made in the USA, last a lifetime and are fully warrantied for 2 years and repairable, or we’ll replace it. Over the years, the return you get from your tee will far outweigh the cost because it’s the last batting tee you’ll ever need to buy.

Travels Easy

If you attend a lot of road games, bringing your own equipment can help you get in your practice time. The G Tee Lite is perfect for traveling because it’s light and can be compact for air, bus, train or car travel. Its lightness may cause a slight decrease in stability, but with this tee portability is key.

Load Up On Accessories

Softball includes a little of everything, from pitching and throwing to catching. Whatever you need for your game, G Tee has it, including pitching aids like hitters screens and pitch break rods, and training aids like nets and extension rods. If it can help you improve your game, we’ve got it.


All G Tee softball batting tees are made in the USA and are backed by a 2 year warranty that covers all parts and labor as well as wear and tear, including the rubber cup. Our customer service team is here for you, too, with real people to handle your every need. 

Have questions? Give us a call at 877.448.4833. We’re here to help with anything you need.

G Tee…what Pros use.

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