Difference Between G Tee and Tanner Tees

Difference Between G Tee and Tanner Tees

If you’ve shopped around for a batting tee before, you know there are quite a few brands out there including ours, the G Tee, and those from Tanner Tees. We often get questions about the differences between our tees and those from the competition, so we wanted to break it down and allow you to make the best decision for your game.

G Tee vs. Tanner Tees

Batting tees are designed to hold up a ball so the batter can practice hitting it. Whether it’s being used for softball or baseball batting practice, it should hold the ball and provide a platform from which to hit. While all tees can do this basic need, it’s the other aspects of the tee where one brand can win or lose over other tees.


When hitting a baseball or softball from a batting tee, stability is key. A tee that stays in place swing after swing allows the batter to stay in place, too. This helps in practicing stance, hitting consistency and nailing down range of motion. If the batting tee “walks” or moves with every swing, it can be a hassle each time it needs to be readjusted back into place.

G Tee batting tees are designed with two different base plate options, each designed to keep the tee stable on any surface. The high-density polyethylene base plate is perfect for clay, turf, grass and rubberized surfaces. The stainless steel base plate is excellent for turf, clay and grass surfaces as it digs into the ground providing grip.

Other tees aren’t made with the same materials or quality and they walk throughout practice, which can be frustrating for the user.

Tee Height

When choosing a batting tee, selecting one with a telescoping tee height is the way to go. This allows the user to alter the height of the ball throughout practice in order to gain experience hitting a range of balls. It also lets the user set the height at the perfect level for the batter to practice stance and swing. Tees without telescoping heights make the batter conform to the tee, which isn’t ideal.

All telescoping tees are not considered equal, however. The best tees are those that stay at the same height hit after hit, until the user adjusts it otherwise. Many telescoping tees, however, droop over time due to the drying out of rubber chair bottoms that are meant to keep it in place.

At G Tee, all of our tees include the telescoping feature, and they’re engineered with patented seals and bushings at the core of the upright that keep it at the same height swing after swing, season after season.

Easy on the Environment & Your Budget

When shopping around for baseball or softball batting tees, you’ll want to make sure the one you select is going to last. There’s nothing worse than buying a tee and realizing it needs to be replaced after a few months' time or at the start of next season. Unfortunately this happens a lot, so it’s important to do your homework.

At G Tee, we understand the need for a tee that’s going to last, so we engineer all of our tees to do just that. Each of our tees is backed by a 2-year warranty that covers all parts, labor and wear and tear, including the rubber cup. And if anything on your tee should break after the 2-year warranty expires, you can get a replacement part for it on our website. Every single part of a G Tee tee is replaceable, so instead of throwing away the whole thing and starting from scratch like is common with so many competitors’ tees, you can simply order the replacement part at a fraction of the price and get practicing again in no time.


We mentioned the rubber cup is warrantied and replaceable, but we want to highlight the best part about it – it can be replaced and used again in minutes vs. the 24-hour set time needed for competitor tees.

When it comes to batting tees, whether for baseball or softball, G Tee is the obvious choice. Our tees are made for the batter, providing the best possible experience in all areas of use. We designed it so well, in fact, that it’s what the pros all over the country – from MLB and collegiate teams and even on down to amateur leagues, little league and backyard enthusiasts. Try our tee at your next batting practice and discover the G Tee difference.

G Tee…what Pros use.

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