G Tee Softball Tees: Winning the Game

The best things in life are born out of necessity. When Joe Gangelhoff needed a professional tee that lasted more than a season, he took matters into his own hands and designed the G Tee. It’s made for every softball player out there who wants a tee that will withstand thousands and thousands of hits, swing after swing, season after season. It lives up to Joe’s original goal, and then some. 

The single best batting tee on the market, this American-made, award-winning softball tee is loved by pros and those aspiring to make their mark. Check out what goes into making it your favorite softball batting tee. G Tee…what Pros use.

Stays In Place

Softball pros love G Tee batting tees because, simply put, they stay in place. Swing after swing, the high density plastic or stainless steel bases (depending on your hitting surface) offer a stable and consistent hitting experience that doesn’t walk or move at all. There’s no need to stop what you’re doing, put it back in place, and start swinging again -- it just stays put.

Easily Adjustable Height

G Tee softball batting tees also have the widest adjustable telescoping heights on the market with three sizes ranging from 18” - 30”, 22” - 41” and 26” - 53”. There are even low ball attachments for 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”. Whatever you set it to, the height stays in place swing after swing thanks to the seals and bushings used at its core rather than rubber chair bottoms that often dry out.

More Accurate Hitting

Two base types are available depending on your application and where you practice, including high density plastic and stainless steel. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to hear and feel the ball on impact, helping you hit more accurately.

Easily Portable

Every G Tee softball batting tee comes with a Quick Change Stabilizer so it takes only seconds to assemble or disassemble the tee. And unlike other tees, it doesn’t screw into the base so you never have to worry about it getting clogged with sand or clay.

2-Year Warranty Includes Wear and Tear

Every G Tee batting tee is backed by a 2-year warranty that covers parts, labor, and wear and tear -- yes, you read that correctly -- including the rubber cup. We’re here for whatever you need.


If you’ve ever seen the competition’s tees, you know when they need to be replaced -- it’s often, and it’s obvious the whole thing needs to go. Not with G Tee’s batting tees. Every single part of the tee is repairable or replaceable, which means you can hang onto your tee and just replace a part rather than throwing the whole thing away and buying a new one. It saves you money and it helps our planet. What’s not to love?

The Full Rundown

Here’s a full list of specifications for G Tee batting tees:

  • Engineered to professional standards
  • Used by professional baseball & softball players
  • Constructed of precision machined stainless steel, aluminum & high density plastic
  • Patented design for optimum performance
  • 3 adjusting telescopic sizes: 
    • 18” - 30” (46cm - 76cm)
    • 22” - 41” (56cm - 104cm)
    • 26” - 53” (66cm - 135cm)

With low ball attachments include 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”

  • Seals and bushings at the core of telescoping upright.
  • 2 year warranty of parts and labor, including wear and tear
  • Replaceable flexible rubber cup
  • Portable for travel or storage, weighs less than 6 lbs. (less than 2.72kg)
  • Award Winner - ABCA Convention
  • Made in USA Since 2009

Take a look at some of our top softball batting tees, like the G Tee and the G Tee Triad, and you’ll see why the pros love them. G Tee…what Pros use.

Have questions? Give us a call at 877.448.4833. We’re here to help with anything you need.

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