How Do You Pick A Batting Tee?

How Do You Pick A Batting Tee?

Training with a batting tee is one of the most productive exercises for hitters. It’s a method that allows for constant repetition and focuses on just one skill. However, before you run out and get the first one you find, how do you pick a batting tee that's right for you? Let’s dive into some of the top qualities you should look for before purchasing a batting tee, as well as some of the different varieties offered.

A Durable Tee

The most important factor to consider when searching for a quality batting tee is durability. A batting tee made with sturdy materials will last much longer and not start wearing down immediately. Batting tees made with high quality rubber and metal will last longer and withstand batting practice without cracks or tears.

How It Affects Your Bat

Especially if you are using a wooden bat, a batting tee can potentially wear down your bat. Some batting tees use a plastic top to hold the ball, which will chip at wooden bats with every swing. A tee that uses a rubber top to hold the ball will prevent this. You’ll want to keep an eye out for flexible rubber tops, as they allow for a clean swing.

An Adjustable Tee

Most batting tees nowadays are adjustable in height. However, when picking a batting tee you want to be sure that it has a wide range it can adjust to. Being able to change the height of the ball on a tee allows you to practice smooth swings in a wide range. After all, not every pitch in a game will go perfectly down the middle.

The Base

The base of a batting tee is what will ensure that it stays upright after the hitter makes contact. A weak base could mean having to constantly reset the equipment. Tees will have either a tripod or solid base, which sometimes have additional weights available to ensure it stays upright.

Batting Tee Varieties

Odds are you’re looking for a classic batting tee that will simply get the job done, but you’ll also discover that there is a wide variety of tees available on the market. Not only are there standard and professional tees, but there are also triple tees for quick and consistent repetition, as well as low ball tees for an even wider range of swinging practice.

With a batting tee, players of every skill level can perfect their swing. For award-winning batting tees, look no further than G Tee. Shop G Tee today!

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