How to Improve Batting Accuracy

How to Improve Batting Accuracy

Improving your batting average is always the goal. Though it can sometimes seem out of reach, there are ways you can improve your batting accuracy. Along with using the right batting tee for practice, there are some simple adjustments you can make that will have a big impact. Keep reading for tips on how to improve your batting accuracy.

Keep Your Mind In the Game

Much of your baseball performance depends on focus and being present during the game. As you increase your confidence at the plate and on the field, you’ll start to see a noticeable change. Keep in mind that distractions big and small can have an impact, from throwing off your timing or stance to missing a catch or making a game-changing error. Leave all distractions in the locker room and head out onto the field with confidence for every game and every practice. 

Choose the Right Bat

When holding your bat, it should feel comfortable in your hands as well as throughout your swing. It shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. Spend some time holding and swinging bats of different weights to find one that feels best for you. 

Your bat should also be the right length. To find the right length, measure from the center of your chest through to the index finger of your outstretched primary arm. This measurement should be the length of your bat (most adults are between 33 and 34 inches). You can also hold the end of your bat in your hand at your side. If it touches the ground and your palm can rest on the top of the handle, the bat is the right length. 

Tip: When adjusting to a new bat length, only go up or down one inch at a time to keep your swing steady.

Work on Timing

Having the perfect swing can be great, but if it’s too early or too late when the ball arrives it won’t be successful. To improve your timing and hit the ball when it arrives, stay moving at the plate. Move your knees and elbows and stay limber. As the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, begin your swing. The better you get at determining good pitches or balls at speed, you can swing or let it go by, but continuing to move will prepare you for whatever the pitch might be.

Have a Consistent Stance

Along with constant motion, a consistent stance within the batter’s box has two major benefits. First, you’ll have the ability to make quick adjustments for strike zone pitches in any quadrant. You’ll need to be flexible enough in your stance to hit both near and outer strike zone pitches, but you’ll still need to be at the right distance to know if a ball is outside the zone. Second, a consistent stance will make it easier for you to know if adjustments are needed prior to your swing. Work with your coach on your stance and make sure to keep it consistent throughout your time at bat.

Practice Often

You’ve heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect.’ While no one is perfect, your batting accuracy will improve with practice. Practice often, and make each practice count. Work with your coach to watch your swing and make suggestions for improvement. Work with your team’s pitchers as they throw in the bullpen. Use the batting cage to prepare you for additional pitches and speeds. Keep at it, and you’ll start to notice positive changes in your batting accuracy.

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