How to Select the Proper G Tee

How to Select the Proper G Tee

Are you in the market for a batting tee? Whether for baseball or softball, it's important to select the proper tee model to ensure you're getting the most out of your practice time. But with the variety of tees available, how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to find tips for selecting the right batting tee. We'll also take a look at some of the most popular models on the market and tell you what to consider before making your purchase. Let's get started!

Why Select a G Tee?

G Tee baseball tees and softball tees are the best you’ll find anywhere, and this isn’t just marketing – it’s fact. We engineer our tees to professional standards and use only the finest components so that they’re incredibly durable, outlasting any other tee out there.

  • The two different base plates eliminate slipping, instability and the annoying ‘walk,’ keeping the tee in place on whatever surface you have, be it grass, turf, clay, dirt or polyurethane.
  • The telescoping uprights use seals and bushings at the core to maintain the height of the ball, hit after hit.
  • The flexible rubber cup allows the hitter to more accurately hear and feel the ball on impact.
  • G Tee tees are portable, with disassembly and reassembly taking only seconds.
  • Every part is replaceable, even the flexible rubber cup, which takes only minutes to replace (instead of 24+ hours like other tees), saving you time and money.
  • Backed by a full 2-year warranty. Need something after that? Give us a call or find the replacement part on our site.
  • G Tees are award winning tees, winning Best of Show at the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention.

These components work together to give teams and players an advantage in their game. From MLB and NPF pro teams, as well as college teams, amateur league players, little leaguers and even backyard enthusiasts, they all use our tees to improve their swing.

How to Select the Proper G Tee for Your Needs

Selecting your proper tee is easy. First, determine which tee type works best with your needs. Then, choose the base that works best with the surface you’ll be using it on. Finally, select the height of your telescoping upright or low ball tee.

Not sure which telescoping height you should choose for your tee? Check out our article on how high your batting tee should be to make a selection that makes sense for you.

Types of Batting Tees

As you shop for a batting tee, you’ll start to notice that there are several different types of tees out there. Read on for the full breakdown and find out what the perfect uses are for each type of tee.

Single Tees

These tees have one tee that stands on a base plate. G Tee’s single tees have adjustable uprights with sizes available in 18”-30”, 22”-41” and 26”-53” that stay just how you set them until you make an adjustment. We also offer two different types of base plates: the high-density polyethylene base is perfect for gripping solid surfaces, and the ground-gripping stainless steel sinks into the grass or turf. Both offer a solid foundation so that, unlike other tees on the market, the G Tee stays in place swing after swing without any adjustments needed. 

Single Tees Are Great For: 

Single tees are great for everyone who wants to improve their swing, cultivate their swing path and improve their stance. 

Most Popular Single Tee: G Tee Triad 

Triple Tees

Triple tees are offered in two configurations. One option consists of three tees on one larger base plate, and the other option is three tees connected to one upright via a 3-in-1 attachment. Similar to single tees, G Tee triple tees stay in place, eliminating the ‘walk’ that most tees encounter. You’ll get a steady and consistent swing every time without having to adjust the tee placement. With triple tees, you can choose the sizes of your telescoping uprights.

Triple Tees Are Great For: 

Triple tees are great for those who want to practice three swings at once before resetting the balls. Set the uprights at different heights to practice a variety of swings in a row. 

Most Popular Triple Tee: G Tee 3 Batting Tee with Stainless Steel Base 

Low Ball Tees

Low ball tees are available both as a low tee with its own base plate or as an attachment for an existing base plate that works with any single or triple G Tee. Low ball tees are available in lower heights of 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”

Low Ball Tees Are Great For:

Low ball tees work for a range of uses and players, including younger little leaguers as well as taller players who want to work on their low ball swing.

Most Popular Low Ball Tee: G Tee Low Ball Tee 

Portable Tees

The perfect portable option, the G Tee Lite is a portable tee that can go anywhere. The lighter weight sacrifices some stability, but you’ll always have a tee with you on the road.

Portable Tees Are Great For:

Portable tees are a great option for those who travel often and want to use their own tee. They can be brought on planes or packed easily into the car.

Portable tees are available in the G Tee Lite and the G Tee Lite Low Ball Tee

At G Tee, you’ll find everything you need for improving your game. In addition to baseball tees and softball tees, you’ll find pitching aids like pitch break rods, training aids like swing extension rods, nets and buckets, and accessories like bat grips and glove wraps. Find your perfect tee and other training aids today!

G Tee…what Pros use.

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