Selecting the Perfect G Tee Batting Tee

Selecting the Perfect G Tee Batting Tee

In the market for a batting tee? If so, you're in luck - we've put together the ultimate buyer's guide for batting tees, baseball tees and softball tees to help make your decision easier. We’ll take a look at the different types of batting tees available as well as the key factors to consider when making your purchase. So whether you're a baseball player, a softball player, a pro player, college athlete or little leaguer, read on for the information you need to get the right batting tee for your needs.

Best Batting Tees of 2022

When looking for a batting tee, you want to look for a few different things including tee type, tee height, tee portability, and most importantly, tee stability. All of these things work together to give you the best batting experience and keep you on top of your game.

G Tee: The Single Tee

Tee up with our single upright tees. Choose from two base plate materials for stability on any surface: high-density polyethylene that grips hard surfaces or ground-gripping stainless steel that grips softer surfaces like grass and clay. Both base types keep the tee stable and prevent walking throughout your practice so you can work on your swing and stance without having to move the tee back into place after a few hits.

Like all G Tee tees, the single tees also have seals and bushings at the core to keep the ball at your desired telescoping height for consistent swings and hits.

G Tee Single Tees At A Glance

  • G Tee: Designed to meet professional standards, this telescoping tee allows a great range of motion. Comes with the standard polyethylene plate, but can be paired with the optional 10 lb. plate for incredible stability.
  • G Tee Triad: Easy to assemble, this base comes with a solid stainless steel base that grips the ground and stays in place swing after swing. The tee itself telescopes for great range of motion, and the rubber cup allows for more accurate hits as hitters can hear and feel the ball on impact.
  • G Tee Quad: The G Tee Quad is similar to the Triad but it’s capable of holding four tees at once for the ultimate practice.
  • G Tee Lite: Similar to the G Tee but made for the ultimate portability. Take it on trips. Fly with it. Wherever you go, it’s easy to take along. It loses a little stability due to its lightweight, portable structure.

G Tee: The Triple Tee

Kick your practice to the next level with a triple tee, which is a single base plate that holds three tees in one unit. Like the single tees, triple tees are available with two base plate materials, including the high-density polyethylene perfect for synthetic surfaces as well as ground-gripping stainless steel, which is great for turf, grass, clay and similar surfaces.

Triple tees are available in telescoping heights so each tee can be the same height or different heights to suit the batter’s preference. Seals and bushings keep the tee height exactly where it’s set so that, swing after swing, it stays in place.

G Tee Triple Tees At A Glance

  • G Tee 3 Batting Tee: This portable tee comes with three tees and the base. Disassemble and reassemble in seconds.
  • G Tee 3 Batting Tee, Stainless Steel Base: Similar to the previous tee but with a stainless steel base that grips the ground with maximum stability. This tee comes with three uprights and the base.
  • G Tee 3N1 Batting Tee: This adjustable upright tee holds up to three tees. It comes with one telescoping adjustable upright, three upper sections each with rubber cups, and the standard polyethylene plate.
  • G Tee 3N1 Triad Tee: Similar to the 3N1 Batting Tee but comes with the stainless steel, ground gripping plate for maximum stability.

Accessories for the Triple Tee

G Tee offers accessories that enable the transformation of any existing base into a triple tee. You can also purchase a triple tee base for the tees you already have. 

Low Ball Tees

Low ball tees are perfect for those who want to practice their low swing or for players in little league or on junior teams. Adjustable telescoping upright sizes include 18”-30”, 22”-41” and 26”-53”. G Tee also manufactures low ball tees and tee attachments, including 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”.

G Tee: The Portable Tee

Portable tees are a huge advantage when taking your game on the road. Designed to be light, the G Tee Lite is a portable, single tee that goes everywhere, from planes and trains to buses, cars and more – if you’re going, it goes with you. The advantage here is being able to use your own tee wherever you are, and ensuring that you have one to practice with ahead of the game. The drawback, though, is that the lightweight nature of the portable tee loses some stability.

Training Accessories

Training is a huge part of the game, from improving your swing and stance to hitting balls at a range of heights. Pair training accessories with your tee to get the most out of your game.


G Tee is committed to making sure every customer has an amazing experience with every product, which are all made in the USA. Every G Tee has a 2-year warranty that covers parts and labor as well wear-and-tear on rubber cups.

Have questions? Give us a call at 877.448.4833. We’re here to help.

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