Things to Avoid When Hitting Off a Batting Tee

Things to Avoid When Hitting Off a Batting Tee

When it comes to batting practice, there is no greater tool than a batting tee. However, there are key things to avoid when hitting off a batting tee. Before diving in on what to avoid, let’s answer the most important question: why is a batting tee so important?

Why is a batting tee important? 

One of the greatest advantages to using a batting tee during practice is eliminating the variable of timing. By allowing players to focus solely on the movement of their swing, training can be much more precise.

While it is definitely useful to practice swings with a pitcher or even a pitching machine, each throw is bound to be slightly different. This can be disadvantageous for the hitter during practice, as they won’t be able to isolate particular aspects that can improve their swing.

There are plenty of benefits to using a batting tee, but now let’s get into some of the key things to avoid when hitting off a tee.

Things to Avoid When Hitting off a Batting Tee

One of the first things to avoid is setting up the tee too far back on the plate. Proper placement is necessary to practice hitting at the point of the swing where you’d be making contact if the ball were thrown. If the tee is too far back, contact will be made too early, and performance will suffer.

The next thing you should avoid is too much repetition. While a tee is great for consistent and repetitive practice, it is adjustable for a reason. Don’t be afraid to move the tee around and adjust the height. This will best prepare a batter for whatever may be thrown their way during a game.

When practicing with a batting tee, avoid rushing. The ease of being able to swing and reset immediately seems ideal, but you want to be sure that you’re taking breaths in between swings and giving your body time to rebuild strength for the next swing. If you continuously swing without stopping, precision is likely to diminish.

Another key thing to avoid is staying at the same level throughout practice. While hitting off the tee, it’s important to start off with warm ups, then increase intensity to a game-like energy. If you’re only using a batting tee with half-energy movements, there won’t be results in the game. By using the same strength, mechanics, and energy as if you were in the middle of a game, you’ll see direct improvements.

With a batting tee, players of any skill level can perfect their swing. For award winning batting tees, shop G Tee today.

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