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When it comes to mastering the art of hitting in baseball and softball, the batting tee is an invaluable training tool. However, not all tees are created equal, and selecting the right size is crucial to ensure efficient and effective practice sessions. In this guide, we'll explore the different sizes of batting tees and which ones are suitable for various heights and age ranges.

Mini Batting Tees (18-24 Inches)

Recommended for:

Youth Batting Tees (24-32 Inches)

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Standard Batting Tees (32-38 Inches)

Recommended for:

Professional Batting Tees (38+ Inches)

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Why Choose G Tee?

At G Tee, we understand the importance of having the right tools to perfect your hitting skills. That's why we offer a range of batting tee sizes to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that you receive top-tier training equipment that is both durable and reliable.

Whether you're introducing your child to the world of baseball and softball or you're a seasoned player looking to refine your technique, G Tee has the perfect batting tee for you. Explore our selection today and experience the difference that G Tee can make in your training journey. Elevate your game with G Tee, your trusted partner in batting tee excellence.

In the world of baseball and softball, mastering the art of hitting is a journey that demands dedication, practice, and the right tools. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the G Tee Classic Tee, a game-changing addition to your training arsenal that promises to take your batting skills to the next level.

What Sets the G Tee Classic Tee Apart?

The G Tee Classic Tee is more than just a batting tee; it's a meticulously engineered piece of equipment designed to cater to players of all skill levels. Here's what makes it a standout choice:

Elevate Your Batting Skills with the G Tee Classic Tee

Whether you're a budding athlete working on your fundamentals or a seasoned player aiming for perfection, the G Tee Classic Tee caters to all skill levels. Its adjustability, durability, and thoughtful design make it an essential asset in your training regimen.

Ready to witness a transformation in your batting technique? Embrace the G Tee Classic Tee and experience firsthand how it can revolutionize your hitting skills.

At G Tee, our passion is helping baseball and softball players unlock their full potential. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to create top-tier training equipment that stands out in terms of quality and performance. With the G Tee Classic Tee, we continue to set the standard as a trusted leader in the industry. Explore our range of products and embark on your journey to becoming a better hitter. Your path to greatness starts with G Tee.

At G Tee, we understand the importance of a reliable and versatile batting tee in enhancing your baseball or softball training sessions. That's why we're proud to introduce the G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee - a cutting-edge tool designed to take your hitting skills to the next level. With its innovative features and durable construction, the G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee is the ultimate choice for players of all levels.

Adjustable Height

The G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee offers adjustable height settings, allowing players to customize their training experience. With a range of heights available, from low to high, you can simulate various pitch locations and refine your swing mechanics.

Multiple Ball Placements

Our 3N1 Classic Batting Tee features multiple ball placements, enabling you to practice hitting different pitch types and locations. You can position the ball on the inside, middle, or outside of the plate, helping you develop a well-rounded hitting approach.

Durable Construction

Crafted with high-quality materials, the G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee is built to withstand rigorous training sessions. The sturdy base provides stability, while the adjustable stem ensures durability and longevity. This tee is designed to be a long-term investment in your training regimen.

Portable and Easy to Use

The G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee is lightweight and portable, allowing you to set it up anywhere - whether it's at the field, in your backyard, or even indoors. The tee's simple design makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport, providing convenience and flexibility for your training needs.

Ideal for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner honing your fundamentals or an advanced player looking to fine-tune your swing, the G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee is suitable for all skill levels. Its versatility and adjustability make it a valuable tool for players of any age or experience.

Why Choose G Tee?

Commitment to Quality

At G Tee, we prioritize quality and durability in our products. The 3N1 Classic Batting Tee undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and longevity.

Enhanced Training Experience

Our mission is to provide baseball and softball players with innovative training tools that elevate their skills. The 3N1 Classic Batting Tee is designed to improve swing mechanics, pitch recognition, and overall hitting proficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and strive for their complete satisfaction. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding our products.

Investment in Player Development

By choosing the G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee, you're investing in your development as a player. Take advantage of its versatility and features to maximize your training sessions and unlock your full hitting potential.

Contact G Tee Today

Elevate your batting skills with the GT ee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee. Experience the convenience, adjustability, and durability that our tee brings to your training sessions. Contact us today to order your G Tee 3N1 Classic Batting Tee and take your hitting performance to new heights. Unleash your full potential with G Tee, where innovation meets excellence in baseball and softball training equipment.

At G Tee, we are dedicated to helping baseball and softball players enhance their hitting performance. We are proud to present the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee, a revolutionary triple batting tee designed to improve swing mechanics and develop consistent contact with the ball. With its exceptional features and superior quality, the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is the ultimate choice for players of all levels who are serious about taking their game to new heights.

Stable and Durable Construction

The G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is built to withstand the demands of intense training sessions. With a sturdy tripod base and reinforced rubber cup, this tee offers exceptional stability and durability. It can handle powerful swings without tipping over, ensuring a consistent and reliable hitting experience.


Adjustable Height

Customization is key to improving your swing. The G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee features an adjustable height mechanism, allowing you to set the tee at the perfect level for your swing mechanics and desired pitch location. Whether you're working on low strikes or high fastballs, this tee provides the flexibility to adapt to different pitch heights.

Easy Setup and Portability

Designed with convenience in mind, the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is incredibly easy to set up and transport. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for use in the backyard, on the field, or during indoor training. You can focus on honing your skills without the hassle of complex assembly or heavy equipment.

Optimized Hitting Experience

The G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is engineered to enhance your hitting performance. Its rubber cup is specially designed to minimize interference with the bat, promoting clean contact and natural ball flight. The tee's unique construction reduces resistance, allowing for more efficient swings and improved bat speed.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an advanced player fine-tuning your technique, the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is suitable for all skill levels. It provides a solid foundation for developing proper swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination, and timing.

Why Choose G Tee?

Commitment to Quality

At G Tee, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship in all our products. The G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee is meticulously designed and constructed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by coaches, players, and trainers worldwide, G Tee has established a reputation for delivering exceptional hitting tools that enhance performance and accelerate skill development.

Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable and responsive customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about our products.

Investment in Your Success

By choosing the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee, you're making an investment in your success as a hitter. Take advantage of its advanced features and reliable performance to improve your swing mechanics, increase bat speed, and elevate your overall hitting capabilities.

Contact G Tee Today

Take your batting skills to new heights with the G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee. Experience the stability, durability, and performance that have made G Tee a trusted name in the baseball and softball community. Contact us today to order your G Tee 3 Classic Batting Tee and elevate your hitting game to the next level. Unleash your true potential with G Tee - where innovation meets excellence in hitting training tools.

Choosing a batting tee will depend on a few factors, such as the age and skill level of the player, the type of hitting drills they will be doing, and personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a batting tee:

Overall, it's important to choose a batting tee that is adjustable, stable, durable, and fits your specific needs and there is no need to look any further than the G Tee.

The G Tee is a high-quality batting tee designed for baseball and softball players who demand durability and performance. Made in Ocala, Florida using only top-quality components, the G Tee is built to withstand thousands of hits, season after season. The G Tee is so durable that it is warranted for two years, giving players peace of mind knowing that they have invested in a product that will last. What sets the G Tee apart from other tees is its unique design and construction, which allows for a more realistic hitting experience.

To experience the finest batting tee available, visit the G Tee website at What the pros use…

As a baseball player or coach, you might be familiar with pitching aids like batting tees, pitching machines, and soft toss nets. However, have you ever heard of pitch breaking rods? In this article, we'll explore what pitch breaking rods are, and how they can help improve your hitting game.

What are pitch breaking rods used for?

Pitch breaking rods are thin, flexible rods that simulate the movement of various types of pitches. These rods are typically made of fiberglass or graphite and are designed to attach to a batting tee or a pitching machine. The idea behind pitch breaking rods is to help batters develop better hand-eye coordination and improve their reaction time to different pitches.

The rods come in different shapes and sizes, each designed to replicate a different pitch. For example, a curveball rod will simulate the curveball pitch, while a slider rod will replicate the movement of a slider pitch. These rods are ideal for players who want to practice hitting various pitches without relying on a live pitcher.

What are the benefits of using pitch breaking rods?

Here are some benefits of using pitch breaking rods:

  1. Develop Better Hand-Eye Coordination: Pitch breaking rods force batters to focus on the movement of the ball, helping them develop better hand-eye coordination. The rods also help players develop a better understanding of the trajectory of different pitches.
  2. Improve Reaction Time: By using pitch breaking rods, batters can improve their reaction time to different pitches. The rods simulate the movement of different pitches, helping batters recognize and react to different pitches more quickly.
  3. Practice Different Pitches: Pitch breaking rods allow players to practice hitting various pitches without relying on a live pitcher. This makes them ideal for players who want to develop their hitting skills without the need for a partner.
  4. Build Confidence: Hitting a baseball can be challenging, especially when facing different types of pitches. By using pitch breaking rods, players can build confidence in their hitting abilities and become more comfortable facing different pitches.

Pitch breaking rods are a valuable tool for any baseball player or coach looking to improve their hitting skills. These rods simulate the movement of different pitches, helping players develop better hand-eye coordination, improve their reaction time, practice hitting various pitches, and build confidence.

If you're looking for a new pitching aid to add to your training regimen, consider giving pitch breaking rods a try. The G Tee pitch break rods are the finest on the market and suitable for players of every skill level. Shop G Tee today!

Training with a batting tee is one of the most productive exercises for hitters. It’s a method that allows for constant repetition and focuses on just one skill. However, before you run out and get the first one you find, how do you pick a batting tee that's right for you? Let’s dive into some of the top qualities you should look for before purchasing a batting tee, as well as some of the different varieties offered.

A Durable Tee

The most important factor to consider when searching for a quality batting tee is durability. A batting tee made with sturdy materials will last much longer and not start wearing down immediately. Batting tees made with high quality rubber and metal will last longer and withstand batting practice without cracks or tears.

How It Affects Your Bat

Especially if you are using a wooden bat, a batting tee can potentially wear down your bat. Some batting tees use a plastic top to hold the ball, which will chip at wooden bats with every swing. A tee that uses a rubber top to hold the ball will prevent this. You’ll want to keep an eye out for flexible rubber tops, as they allow for a clean swing.

An Adjustable Tee

Most batting tees nowadays are adjustable in height. However, when picking a batting tee you want to be sure that it has a wide range it can adjust to. Being able to change the height of the ball on a tee allows you to practice smooth swings in a wide range. After all, not every pitch in a game will go perfectly down the middle.

The Base

The base of a batting tee is what will ensure that it stays upright after the hitter makes contact. A weak base could mean having to constantly reset the equipment. Tees will have either a tripod or solid base, which sometimes have additional weights available to ensure it stays upright.

Batting Tee Varieties

Odds are you’re looking for a classic batting tee that will simply get the job done, but you’ll also discover that there is a wide variety of tees available on the market. Not only are there standard and professional tees, but there are also triple tees for quick and consistent repetition, as well as low ball tees for an even wider range of swinging practice.

With a batting tee, players of every skill level can perfect their swing. For award-winning batting tees, look no further than G Tee. Shop G Tee today!

When training for baseball and softball, using a batting tee is an essential tool for perfecting a swing. Players at every level swear by batting tees, and there are several reasons why. Let’s dive into some of the top reasons why players practice with a tee.

Perfect Your Swing Without Distractions

Probably the most important feature, a batting tee helps batters focus on just their swing. Without distractions, a player can focus on specific aspects of their swing that they want to improve. With a batting tee, you are fully in control and don’t have to worry about any variables a live pitcher brings. The consistency of a batting tee helps to eliminate the external factors that would otherwise keep you from improving your swing.

The Key is Repetition

To best improve your swing, repeating the motion until it’s perfect is key. With a batting tee, a player can continuously repeat their swing and turn the best swing into second nature. Batting tees are not just for players starting out— even those in the Major League use batting tees to continue practicing. It’s the best tool to develop the necessary habits of a good swing.

Pick Your Effort Level

Changing the effort level and speed of a swing can help with identifying imperfections in a swing. Slowing down your swing can help you feel the motion more clearly, ensuring that everything is done accurately. Practicing with a batting tee means that you can go as slow or as fast as you want.

Practice On Your Own Time

Without a partner or coach around, practicing for baseball or softball can seem tricky. Having a coach observe as you hit off a tee is beneficial, but a batting tee allows you to continue practice even on your own. Perfecting your swing requires dedication and repetition, which is why a batting tee is the perfect asset.

Batting Tees are Portable

Not only is a batting tee an essential tool, it is also easy to take with you. It easily fits in the trunk of a car or in an equipment bag, which makes setting aside time for practice easier than ever.

Why Do Players Hit Off a Tee?

The best way to practice the proper hitting fundamentals is with a batting tee, as you can concentrate on every detail. For the best training aids and batting tees, look no further than G Tee. For quality batting tees used by players of every level, shop G Tee today!

You just bought a new batting tee! Congratulations, you’re one step closer to training like the pros! You may be wondering: how do I set up my softball tee? Well, there are only a few really simple steps to get your tee in top notch shape! It’s only 3 steps and you’ll be ready to swing with the pros!

Step 1: Attach your tee.

Line the tee up with your G Tee base, ensuring that there is a hole on the outside that can hold the pin. This is a simple insertion step, and the pieces should fit snugly.

Step 2: Insert the pin.

The pin keeps the tee together. Insert it into the opening on the outside of the tee, near the base. Secure the pin on the other side. This will keep the tee connected.

Step 3: Apply weight, if necessary.

With some of the tees, applying weight to the corner of the tee is necessary to ensure stability. Place the weight on top of the tee, if needed. 

That’s it! You’re ready to swing for the stars. For a visual guide, here are some short reference videos for each of our major G Tee types!

G Tee Lite

G Tee Classic

G Tee Pro

G Tee Pro Quad

So, if you’re looking for the best tee in the business, you can look no further than the G Tee. The G Tee is not only the most technologically innovative tee on the market, but its American-made quality is unbeatable. Need more information? Check out the long list of softball and baseball professionals who have used the G Tee to get their training to a professional level. There’s a reason it’s the G Tee…what Pros use. 

When choosing a batting tee, there are so many different options and factors to consider. One of the biggest things to consider is if your batting tee will be used for baseball or softball! Both sports have a lot of great options for batting tees, but the question must be asked, are there different tees for softball and baseball?

The short answer is: no! Most batting tees can easily be used for both baseball and softball. Because most batting tees are intended to simply reflect the pitching experience, you can use either baseballs or softballs in most major batting tees. This is the case with the G-Tee! Both batting coaches from softball and baseball teams have seen a lot of success with using G-Tees. It’s easy to set up and has the most realistic feel for batters. Regardless of what sport you play, there’s a G-Tee for you!

However, you can and should consider your sport when making your decision about which G Tee to purchase:

For softball players, there’s a focus on precision and strength less than speed. For this, you may require a tee that is more secure or solid to the ground. Consider one of the more stable G Tee tees like the Pro and the Pro Quad. Their sturdiness and large base make them perfect for training like a softball pro! You can simulate the pitching experience with ease and adjust the height for players of all sizes. 

For baseball players, almost any of the G Tees are perfect for you! If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, the G Tee Lite is a great option! With the same height options and sturdy base, it’s the budget friendly option that still has the same professional quality as all of our G Tee products. You can practice with what the pros use! G Tee’s industry-leading design technology ensures improvement with every swing. 

So, if you’re looking for the best tee in the business, you can look no further than the G Tee. The G Tee is not only the most technologically innovative tee on the market, but its American-made quality is unbeatable. Need more information? Check out the long list of softball and baseball professionals who have used the G Tee to get their training to a professional level. There’s a reason it’s the G Tee…what Pros use.

What Pros Say...

UF Gator Baseball always looks for the best and that’s why we use G Tee made in Ocala, Florida USA since 2009. Whether you’re talking about quality, durability, functionality or customer service G Tee wins hands down every time. G Tee not only manufactures unrivaled batting tees, they also produce pitching aids that are second to none. We strive to train like professionals that’s why we use G Tee…what Pros use.

Edmund Boyd

Assistant Director of Athletic Equipment and Gator Baseball’s Equipment Manager, University of Florida

G Tees are the best in the business. It’s a family-owned business that cares more about people than profits. We will continue to use their products within our program for years to come.

Patrick Murphy

Head Softball Coach, University of Alabama

G Tee is a quality product that I cannot do without in my bullpen. Using the G Tee pitching aids with my pitchers has helped with their visualization and precision. The functionality and performance of the G Tee products are top of the line. Joe and his staff are genuine, hardworking people who not only know how to make a legitimate product, but give you customer service that is outstanding!

Jennifer Rocha

Associate Head Coach, University of Oklahoma

Since its inception, the G Tee has been the most practical, durable, and user friendly tee we have trained with. The variety of heights, and now the options with the base, allow for stability and superior variety with pitch locations. As always, their customer service remains A+. The G Tee has had a tremendous impact on the development of our players and the overall offensive production of our team.

Link Jarrett

Head Baseball Coach, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

I absolutely love the G Tee! Tee work is the best work for my swing and I find that the G Tee is the best tee I have ever used. It is extremely easy to set up, and easy for me to take on the road. I am constantly traveling the world and the G Tee is easy to break down and put in my bat bag. I love how I can work on low pitches as well as high pitches to help perfect my swing! G Tee is an investment that you won't regret.

Kelsey Stewart

Team USA, Former University of Florida Gators Player

We have been using the G Tee Pitching sticks at the University of Oregon for over a year and they have proved to be an invaluable tool in helping our pitchers improve their location on all pitches. They are extremely durable, portable and easy to set up. The G Tee Pitching Sticks are a “must have” in any coaches program that is serious about improving their pitcher’s location.

Mike White

Head Softball Coach, University of Oregon

I love quality products and the G Tee guarantees exactly that! Speaking as a former collegiate and professional player, we want products that can help set us up for success. The G Tee is dependable and reliable, with the best engineering to ensure quality for years to come. Match this product with the guys behind it and I can assure you we are lifers with the G Tee. Our kids we train through lessons, camps and clinics will have this product in hand as we train for success.

Stephanie Best

ProSwings Founder

I have been coaching baseball since 1990 and directing camps and participating in camps since 1998.  I have used many different types of batting tees over the those years and some are reliable for a period of time but there are none as durable and reliable as G Tee Batting Tees.  I believe the integrity and durability of their product is a direct reflection of the integrity of the ownership and management of their company.  They are always professional and responsive with getting you your orders in a timely manner.  The warranty they provide also is another aspect of the integrity they have in standing behind the quality and durability of their product.

Barry Batson

Assistant Baseball Coach, State College of Florida - Manatee

The G Tee is the best tee that is available period. I've used the same tees and attachments going on 5 years now!  I personally love the low ball attachments because you can practice hitting pitches that are actually being thrown in the games. Learning to use your legs and attack low pitches improved my hitting drastically. These attachments are not offered on any other tee. If you are looking for a tee that is approved and used by professionals look no further, the G Tee is for you!

Allan Dykstra

Dykstra Baseball, Former MLB Player

In the eight years as the head coach at Biola University, we have gone through many hitting tees. Typically at the end of each season, we would dispose of all the hitting tees because they were literally in pieces by the end of season. Each year we had to start all over with a new set of tees! It wasn't until we ordered our first G Tee that we were able to begin a collection of tee sets that have lasted over three years and counting! We absolutely love G Tee and won't be using any other product!

Lorie Coleman

Head Softball Coach, Biola University

I've been using G Tees ever since I was little. They last forever, and I can easily take them with me wherever I go. They're the best tees in the game.

Sami Fagan

Professional Softball Player, Akron Racers

As the hitting coach here at Ole Miss softball we have been blessed to use G Tees on an everyday basis. These tees were a big part of us breaking every offensive record held here at Ole Miss and us hitting over .300 as a team in 2015. I would highly recommend these tees as they are a great tool to help high level softball/baseball players.

Ruben Felix

Hitting Coach, Ole Miss

Never before in my 20 years involved in amateur and professional baseball, have I dealt with such a great tee. The G Tee is by far the best one: durable, easy to adjust, and the best thing about the G Tee is the quick snap on adjustment for low ball. The G Tee does it all, and it will give you success in hitting if properly used.

Kundy Gutierrez

Founder/Owner, The Baseball Legends

A Tee is not just a Tee. Top 3 reasons why the G Tee is an effective hitting tool. 1. Portability. 2. Low Ball Training. 3. Durability. The G should stand for GANGSTA.

Rob Crews

Founder, Instructor & Author, Complete Game LLC

We exclusively use the G Tee at RHINO Baseball Wisconsin and Premier Athletics for all our TEAM practices and private lessons. We like to integrate multiple variations of tee work, and the G Tee’s versatility allows for that. The durability and consistency are second to none. Great product, great people, we are excited to be a part of the G Tee family!

Joe Shovald

Hitting Coordinator, RHINO Baseball Wisconsin

I have been coaching for over 20 years, and the G Tee is the first batting tee that has withstood the everyday rigors of practice. Many tees I have used in the past have broken during the season, and the G Tee is the first batting tee that didn’t break throughout its use during a season! I also love the short tee that can be used for lower pitches. I would recommend the G Tee to anyone who wants an excellent quality batting tee that will last for years. I've coached for over 20 years, the G Tee is the first tee that has withstood daily rigors of practice.

Courtney Miller

Head Softball Coach, Seminole State College of Florida

At Stetson University, we love utilizing the G Tees. The G Tee is a durably reliable and efficient practice tool.

Frank Griffin

Head Softball Coach, Stetson University

The G Tee has truly changed my opinion of those annoying hitting tees that fall over constantly on a mishit. In my 23 years of playing softball, this is the most logical hitting tee that I have used. Not only is it durable, but it is easy to assemble when using the different tee attachments, extremely portable when traveling from my practices and personal hitting lessons, and stands upright with the help of the 10 lb. weight. So happy that I was introduced to the G Tee; will never use another hitting tee from this point forward.

Amber Patton

Chicago Bandits

I have been using the G Tee for a few years now. I can honestly tell you that the G Tee has allowed our players to get quality swings on this tee and very durable as well. Hitting off a tee is a very important aspect of hitting and the center building block for being a great hitter. I have been very pleased with the G Tee and recommend it to everyone and every team.

Troy Canaba

Head Softball Coach, Sul Ross State University

The G Tee is a major part of our total hitting program and helps set the solid foundation that my team requires to compete in one of the toughest JUCO softball regions in the nation. The G Tee was one of the first team equipment purchases I made when arriving at Vernon College and it’s one that I don’t believe you can go wrong with.

Melvin Jenkins

Head Softball Coach, Vernon College, Vernon, TX

I absolutely love my G Tee Batting Tee!! It’s so nice to travel with as it’s able to break down quickly and become very compact. With my lifestyle, I’m always on the go and need something that I can tote around easily with. I also appreciate how durable it is!

Megan Willis

National Pro Fastpitch for USSSA Florida Pride

Our coaching staff believes the G Tee is a must in any hitting coach's arsenal. The G Tee gives you the ability to work various zones of the plate and various heights of pitches. The feature to raise and lower the G Tee assists all coaches in creating effective as well as unique training sessions. The design is very durable and travels easily as well. The days of setting tees on a bucket or milk crates are over. The G Tee will be a big help for the softball program here for many years.

Angel Santiago

Head Softball Coach, Nicholls State University

We use the G Tee here at our softball program at the University of Arkansas for one reason, it is hands down the best tee on the market. The durability of the G Tee will allow them to be used year after year. Where other tees have to be replaced annually, The G Tee will be with you season after season. It is a great American made product that is made by a family valued company. I highly recommend anyone in baseball or softball at any level to give The G Tee a shot.

Mike Larabee

Head Softball Coach, University of Arkansas

Our players absolutely love the G Tee. We’ve taken thousands of swings off of it since we got it, and it still looks like it just came out of the box. It blows away any other tee we have ever tried.

Troy Nakamura

Assistant Baseball Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, University of San Francisco

I would like to thank you and your company for coming up with such a remarkable hitting tee. Not only do I coach at the junior college level in southern California, I also teach private lessons to big leaguers and to little leaguers. The flexibility in your tee for various heights from as low as 16 inches to 53 inches is amazing. I have had at least 15,000 to 20,000 swings on my personal G Tee and it still looks brand new. I love the no tipping over and the durability. I love this tee so much that I have shared this info with some of my big league coach friends and players. If you love to hit, and hit various locations high and low, I would highly recommend the G Tee.

Roger Frash

Head Assistant Baseball Coach, Oxnard College

I believe that one of the key elements in developing a hitter is through coaching and training with a batting tee. The G Tee is by far, the best batting tee I have seen in all of my years of coaching.

Mik Aoki

Head Baseball Coach, University of Notre Dame

One of the staples of our practices is working everyday on the batting tee. The new G Tee Batting Tee is a great new product for your team to use in developing a consistent swing. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to adjust for any player. If you want your team’s average to improve-the G Tee is a great tool to use. For camps, clinics, and everyday use it is an outstanding product. I highly recommend it for all age and skill levels.

Jay Miller

Head Softball Coach, Mississippi State University, USA National Team

The G Tee Batting Tee is by far the most portable, durable, and effective teaching tool that I have seen in a long time. Not only does this tee provide you with durability, it also adjusts easily to give you the opportunity to work both High and Low pitches in the zone. The cone shaped top provides a great hitting surface that allows you to hit through the ball without breaking or splitting. I have used many tees in my 30+ years of coaching and would highly recommend the G Tee Batting Tee. It will be the last tee you will ever purchase!

Mike Candrea

Head Softball Coach, The University of Arizona, NCAA National Champions 1991, 93, 94, 96, 97, 2001, 06, 07

The G Tee is the best stationary batting T you can use, period! It’s strong enough to handle whatever punishment you give it and light enough so you can easily carry it wherever you need to go. It’s up and down capabilities are fantastic as they help your hitters handle the riseball at the top of the zone and the dropball at the bottom – and it never slips down under the weight of the ball. I love it!

Cindy Bristow

Owner, Softball Excellence, NFCA Hall of Famer

In my 22 years of coaching college baseball I have gone through many batting tees trying to find the perfect tee as far as durability and versatility. From the hard plastic tees that damaged bats to the poorly made flimsy tees that only lasted a month I have spent countless dollars trying different tees. Finally, The G Tee combines everything I need into a durable, versatile, lightweight and transportable tee that is affordable and lasts a long time. From Little League to the professional ranks, The G Tee is the perfect tee!!

Marty Smith

Head Baseball Coach, College of Central Florida

The G Tee is by far the most durable and functional tee ever made. We have literally thousands of swings on our G Tee’s without any breakdowns. The high to low range of the tee and how fast and easy the adjustments are made let us practice hitting in all parts of the strike zone, as well as isolating specific hitting needs for each individual. The fact that they are so portable is an added bonus.

Kevin Fagan

Head Softball Coach, College of Central Florida

The best batting tee that I have seen or used in 35 years of coaching high school baseball is the G Tee. The high quality of the tee makes it durable and its assembly makes it easy to use. It can be taken apart and placed in a carry bag in minutes. The G Tee is an instrumental part of our everyday hitting program. All levels of our players are using the G Tee to improve their hitting skills. Height adjustments are made quick and easy, almost unbelievable!

Wayne Yancey

Head Baseball Coach, Forest High School

I’m Crystl Bustos former Olympian and current clinician and owner of Got Bustos? Sports Training, LLC. We use the G Tee Batting Tee for camps, clinics and lessons. I really like the professional look of the G Tee and how easy it is to travel with. With the G Tee’s adjustable heights the players can train to hit the high pitch as well as my favorite, the low pitches with the Low Ball Attachment which is also available. I enjoy working with the great group of people at G Tee Batting Tees who are always putting the player’s needs and training into their product development. Trust me when I say this is a great, durable piece of equipment where you can get “the most bang for your buck”.

Crystl Bustos

I have been coaching at the University of Tennessee since 2002. We believe in using the best equipment on the market to train our players. Not only is the G Tee’s quality unparalleled, their customer service always surpasses my expectations.

Ralph Weekly

Co-Head Coach, University of Tennessee

The G Tee is a great hitting device for hitters of all ages. I love the high-low capability that it provides for hitters of all sizes. The G Tee is simply a very portable and durable tee that truly makes a difference in the way you can prepare to be a better hitter.

Tim Walton

Head Softball Coach, University of Florida

The G Tee is the best tee on the market hands down. If you’re serious about becoming a better hitter you need to buy the G Tee. It’s durability and versatility is what sets it apart. So if you want to hit like a pro you better use what the pros use. The G Tee!!

Jason Romano

Business Development Director, Former MLB Player

I’ve been in Professional baseball since 2004. I love the G Tee, I use mine every day and it’s greatly improved my game. Being a power hitter I’ve always had to deal with the slight upper cut in my swing and I really like the high tee feature of the G Tee. It’s helped me learn to get on top of the baseball and drive it with some back spin the right way. So I highly recommend the G Tee for anyone who is looking to improve their game.

Russ Canzler

Tampa Bay Rays

I’ve been playing Professional baseball since 2006. I’ve used every other tee out there and by far the G Tee is the best there is. It goes to every height I want, it goes up to my shoulders to do my high tee work, it goes down right below my knees to get my low ball work in, so it’s the only tee I take to the field. It fits easily in my bag, it’s very portable and it’s the only tee I’ll ever use.

Nathan Samson

Iowa Cubs
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