Best Batting Tees for Baseball

Best Batting Tees for Baseball

Having a good batting tee is important. It can help improve your batting skills and set you up for success. But how do you get the right batting tee to help you improve your game? At G Tee, we know batting tees. It’s what we do. We manufacture, test and use a number of batting tees for all purposes because it’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation. Let’s take a look at some important things to consider when buying a batting tee, as well as some other things to keep in mind depending on how and where you’ll use it.

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What to Consider When Buying a Batting Tee


If you’ve used a batting tee before, you know how important it is that it be stable. Not only does it need to stay upright, but it also needs to stay put in the same spot on the ground. Constantly making adjustments to its placement can throw batters off their game and prevent them from perfecting their stance. Most tees wobble, walk and move when used in practice, but G Tee tees, like the G Tee Triad and the G Tee Quad, are made to stay in place. Swing after swing, our tees stay right where you need them to be, no adjustments needed.


Buying a batting tee is much like buying anything else. You can get a good one that will last a lifetime, or you can get one that, well, won’t. Every G Tee is made to last swing after swing, year after year. If something on your tee does break or need repair, it’s repairable or replaceable, even the flexible rubber cup. (The rubber cup is also incredibly easy to change on our tees versus the 24+ hour change it takes for other tees on the market.) Since everything on every G Tee batting tee is repairable or replaceable, it also makes our tees environmentally friendly by resulting in less waste.

Batter’s Age and Skill Level

G Tee are perfect for everyone, from MLB pros to college athletes, high school teams and even little leaguers. We supply tees for many MLB and collegiate teams, but when it comes to younger players it’s the parents who do the bulk of the purchases so athletes can get their practice time in at home. Our advice in these situations is simple: if you know your child or teen athlete is serious about baseball or softball, getting the best equipment out there can only serve to improve their game. 

G Tee manufactures tees with three adjustable telescoping upright sizes, including 18”-30”, 22”-41” and 26”-53”. We also make low ball tees and tee attachments, including 10”, 13”, 16” and 19”. From the youngest of little leaguers to the tallest of MLB players, there’s a G Tee batting tee that’s perfect for everyone and every swing.

Value & Price

Price is often one of the first considerations when purchasing a batting tee, but the value a batting tee can have can far outweigh its initial cost. Think about how often you’ll use the batting tee and how it will help perfect your swing. Over the years, your batting tee will pay for itself and then some as your swing improves. Plus, every component of our tees is either repairable or replaceable, so this is the last batting tee you’ll ever need to purchase.

Best Batting Tees for Travel

If you travel often for baseball or softball games, the G Tee Lite is the perfect tee to have. It may lose a little stability due to its lightness, but its portability makes it easy to pack and even fly with.

It’s All About the Accessories

There’s more to baseball than just hitting the ball. There’s pitching, throwing and catching, too, and we’ve got everything you need for every part of the game. Find pitching aids like hitters screens and pitch break rods as well as training aids like nets and extension rods. If it can help you improve your game, we’ve got it.


All G Tee batting tees are made right here in the USA and come with a 2-year warranty that covers all parts and labor as well as wear and tear, including the rubber cup. Our amazing customer service team is here for you, and yes, we’ve got real humans that answer the phone when you call. They’ll handle every warranty issue directly with you so you’re guaranteed 5-star service with anything you need. 

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