How Far Should a Tee be From the Net?

How Far Should a Tee be From the Net?

Whether you’re a professional baseball or softball player, playing catch in the yard, or just starting little league, batting practice with a good tee and a net is a helpful way to sharpen your skills. At G Tee, we help players at every level fine tune their game using baseball and softball tees because it’s a great way to determine your batting habits and work them out so you can develop a strong and consistent swing.

Using a Hitting Net

A hitting net is a perfect training aid to build strength and practice precision. But you may be wondering where to place your baseball or softball tee in relation to the net.

Placing the tee in the perfect position is important for optimizing your contact and getting the most out of your hitting practice. So what is the perfect position in relation to the net?

The general rule is to make sure to place the net far enough away that your bat doesn't strike it on the followthrough. Usually, the advised distance is anywhere between three and nine feet away from the tee depending on the space available in your practice area.

However, the optimal distance for batting cages is up to 70 feet away, so nothing is wrong with a distance as long as it feels natural for you.

Placing the Tee With a Net

Where you place the tee in relation to the net differs depending on the goal of your batting practice. Specific batting drills require the net to be in different positions.

For example, if you’re aiming to hit a line drive that’s straight and usually low to the ground, make sure your net is far enough so that you can see the trajectory of your ball.

When trying to hit a particular angle or height, adjust the net accordingly and be sure it’s not too far that you could accidentally miss it and damage anything surrounding you. (The neighbors will be grateful!)

However you choose to practice with a tee and net, remember that the more you swing the better you’ll become at hitting.

At G tee, we offer baseball tees, softball tees, nets, accessories and every kind of training aid that you can imagine! Whether you need a tee that will withstand thousands of hits, or just have questions about batting or equipment, we’re be happy to help you out and show you why the pros trust us with every batting need.

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