How to Use Pitching Sticks

How to Use Pitching Sticks

Pitching sticks from G Tee are a versatile tool used to enhance pitching practices. They have several uses, and can be used at any skill level. Let’s go over what a pitching stick is, as well as how to use pitching sticks to improve your performance.

What are pitching sticks?

Pitching sticks are a set of two poles with either square or triangular bases. An elastic band connects the two poles together, serving as a visual aid for the pitcher. G Tee’s pitching sticks are available in two sizes, 24 inches and 48 inches tall. The poles have multiple settings and the height of the band can be adjusted. Depending on how you plan on using the pitching sticks, you’ll likely find it handy to have multiple bands.

How to use Pitching Sticks

Pitching sticks primarily serve as a target for a pitcher. If you don’t have a permanent rope set up, pitching sticks are a great dupe. If you do have a rope set up, pitching sticks are a great alternative that can easily be transported.

With pitching sticks, the elastic band can be set at a specific height for the pitcher to train. The 24 inch poles come with a band that can be adjusted from 10 to 26 inches, while the 48 inch poles can be adjusted from 10 to 50 inches in height. The pitcher can practice accuracy by hitting the elastic band. With multiple bands at varying heights, pitchers can practice making adjustments and hitting at various heights.

Besides accuracy, pitching sticks can also be used to improve various mechanics. Players can use pitching sticks to improve stride height, posture, and balance. To practice stride height, place the pitching sticks one foot short of their optimal stride length, with the elastic band slightly below the pitcher’s knee height. To clear the band, the pitcher will have to drive off the mount and lift their stride leg high off the ground, improving their posture and stride.

Used at a higher level, the elastic band of the pitching sticks can be used to keep pitchers from leaning forward. If the pitcher struggles with balance, pitching sticks can be used as a barrier for balance at the end of the pitch.

The Benefit of Pitching Sticks

Not all pitching tools are able to help players train both their accuracy and mechanics. This is what makes pitching sticks such fantastic tools. The various ways pitching sticks can be used at practice makes it a versatile and essential tool for every practice.

When it comes to the highest quality pitching tools and pitching sticks, G Tee is the one to trust. For exceptional pitching and batting aids, look no further than G Tee…what Pros use.

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